Homophobia. The pressure is mounting on Caroline Cayeux

Homophobia. The pressure is mounting on Caroline Cayeux

A week after her arrival in government, Caroline Cayeux is struggling to get out of her first national controversy. Credit: Nicolas Aubouin – Oise Hebdo.

A week after her arrival in government, Caroline Cayeux is struggling to get out of her first national controversy. She is one of the ministers who have angered LGBTQI+ rights advocates. She is criticized for her past acquaintances with Common Sense and La Manif pour tous, at the time when she supported François Fillon. Then a senator, she had openly positioned herself against the law allowing adoption by homosexual couples.

I think that “the requirement of same-sex marriage, and the adoption of children that goes with it”, is not simply a design “that goes against ‘nature'”. It’s more serious…“Said the mayor of Beauvais (who recently announced his resignation) before the Senate. Words which, reported today, shock public opinion. A petition published by the magazine Stubborn and widely relayed online even calls for the resignation of the new minister.

A failed defense

Invited this Tuesday, July 12 on the channel Public Senate, she had to explain herself. But his speech only added fuel to the fire. “Obviously I stand by my words.“, she replied to the journalist. It was enough for the canvas to ignite. With the help of the national press and left-wing activists, his remarks caused a stir. To the point that the controversy, which until now was only a background in political news, is taking on a new dimension.

Worse, the mayor of Beauvais resorted to the famous argument of “the friend“. “I have many friends among all these people“, she assured. The phrase “These people“, completing any remaining credibility in his defense. Results ? Caroline Cayeux was forced to apologize after the fact on her Twitter account. “Since this morning, I read and hear your messages. My words hurt many of you. I deeply regret them, they were naturally inappropriateshe said. Before adding:Equal rights must always be a priority of our action“.

The controversy escalates

But his apologies were not accepted and this Wednesday, the pressure is mounting against the Minister Delegate. On Twitter, the #CayeuxDmission is gaining momentum. It was finally Olivia Grégoire, the Minister Delegate in charge of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises, who came to her rescue on the set of LCI. She assured “we have the right to make a mistake onceto talk about ministers.

This Wednesday noon Olivier Véran, the government spokesman, was invited to comment on this controversy during the report of the Council of Ministers. He, in turn, tried to close the subject. “The time is no longer for anachronistic remarks. […] I think the debate is closed,” he said.

This false start in public opinion could harm the mayor of Beauvais. But she’s not the premier to get bogged down in controversy. And some are still in post to talk about it.


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