Honda HR-V: a very, very quiet hybrid versus the Renault Arkana

Honda HR-V: a very, very quiet hybrid versus the Renault Arkana

HR-V? Does that remind you of something, the “Joy Machine” from 1999? A square 3-door Mini 4×4 that should be a pocket all-roader, simple and easy to handle? This unexpectedly successful little machine, some of which still circulate in France, won two more doors over the course of its career and then stopped abruptly in 2006. Before returning to the old continent nine years later in the form of a larger, more refined machine, with much more complicated lines. The HR-V II lost its four-wheel drive, with the exception of the Swiss market. It also lived discreetly in the shadow of its big brother, the CR-V. A third generation is back, this time with a hybrid engine, just like the city runabout Jazz. Taking advantage of the political-fiscal stigma attached to family cars due to CO2, this third plant could take precedence over the declining CR-V this time around, at least in Europe.

The body is the size of a 2008 Peugeot, the body is original, fairly solid and square with smooth sides. Contrasted with the bling-bling tormented forms that are all the rage on rivals like…Peugeot. We appreciate this sobriety. Decorated with small red accents only on the advanced version, e.g. B. the underbody network. The two-tone body is part of the elegance claimed by this Japanese. It’s a pity, however, that the rear overhang, which is a bit too short, disturbs the proportions a bit!

Warm interior, rare for a Japanese

Inside like the flat, tidy dashboard. A mixture of modern and classic that surprises with its good taste. On our Advance Style version, the cream colored inserts on the board and seat edges create a clean and warm atmosphere, rare on a Japanese car. And we appreciate the unusual coppery red at the base of the shifter. It stands out against the black interior of the competition. But at this price, we regret that the seat pads are faux leather and not leather. Hard to swallow! The workmanship is otherwise very good, worthy of high-end German. Assemblies and materials are neat. Just like soundproofing. In contrast, the easy DIY of the removable parcel shelf is surprising! Only wrong note in this chapter.

The settings on the screen or on the GPS are quite practical, even if the latter is weird. Impossible to specify a city center. You must enter a specific address. Above all, we regret the famous pseudo-security aid. What a plague, this dictatorial surveillance! All those beeps – when you change driving modes, when you start or turn off the engine, when the car falsely detects an obstacle, when it’s preventing you from exiting its position because the vehicle in front or behind is too close – is irritating. It also takes several sub-clicks to disconnect line change alert on startup. And if you’re unlucky enough to forget to put the shifter in park before turning, that’s a huge wake-up call. You have to restart the engine and turn it off again. Granted, the libertarian bureaucracy in Brussels makes most of these incessant warnings mandatory. But these ubiquitous references spoil life. Unless you love electronic sound effects of all kinds. Please leave us alone!


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