How apps force you into facial recognition

How apps force you into facial recognition

Facial recognition is already everywhere. In France, some online banks use it without qualms. To obtain a Revolut card that allows you to pay for purchases abroad without exchange fees, it is essential to take a selfie and send it to the bank. Boursorama and Société Générale also use this technique. In the field of cryptocurrencies, the use has become essential and it has become almost impossible to buy them on a platform without going through facial recognition. “It is an obligation of the AMF”, justifies a representative of Coinhouse. When questioned, the AMF denies. It specifies that it is indeed necessary to use double authentication and that facial recognition is one of the possible identification methods but is by no means the only method. Binance, the largest cryptocurrency platform that has just obtained its registration in France, uses facial recognition exclusively. Bitpanda simply banned its customers from accessing their accounts if they did not agree to send a selfie. What happens to these photos? When questioned, Coinhouse admitted to “retaining the photos” without giving any indication of how long they are retained.

Apple, Airbnb…


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