How LREM and Nupes play Marine Le Pen’s game for 2027

How LREM and Nupes play Marine Le Pen’s game for 2027

Frequent or pestiferous, the elected members of the National Rally? Should we behave with them as with any other parliamentarian? In the name of democracy and the will of the people? This is the question that has arisen in the National Assembly since Marine Le Pen’s party obtained two vice-presidencies thanks to the vote of deputies from the majority and the right.

Sébastien Chenu and Hélène Laporte were elected in the first round, in a secret ballot, with 290 and 284 votes respectively, while the RN has only 89 elected. This is the price of small arrangements for the distribution of positions. LREM and LR could, however, have had the decency to wait for a third round, which allows an election by relative majority. They claimed to be a bulwark on the far right, they are making themselves a stepping stone, because this de facto alliance marks a symbolic turning point.


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