How Stellantis is converting its factory in Lorraine to electric

How Stellantis is converting its factory in Lorraine to electric

The 27 States of the European Union ratified this Wednesday, June 29 the death of new petrol, diesel and hybrid cars and light commercial vehicles in Europe from 2035. The Commission’s proposal last July had already been approved by the Parliament in early June. At the request of some countries, especially Germany and Italy, the Council agreed to consider a possible later and hypothetical green light for alternative technologies such as synthetic fuel vehicles (e-fuels) or plug-in hybrids if those -these made it possible to achieve the objective of zero greenhouse gases, which remains contradictory since these vehicles also have a combustion engine. These possible exemptions, imprecise as desired, serve above all to provide for a cause of revoyure… It was this same Wednesday, by a simple coincidence of the calendars, that Carlos Tavares visited with some journalists the mechanical factory of Trémery, near Metz. However, this engine site, which was once the world’s largest diesel factory, is precisely in the process of converting to … electrics.

“We were not surprised by the decision of the European Council. We have built a plan for 2030 on this assumption,” says the CEO of Stellantis. Disappointed that the hybrids, of which the ex-PSA is a great specialist, are condemned a priori, and in favor of a future haggling to include them later in the agreement? Neither. “Those who want to haggle can do so, but that does not interest us”, he hammered, pleading on the contrary for the strategy decided by the Council to be “stable over decades”. Nothing worse, according to him, than the successive changes of course with their procession of technological inflections. Carlos Tavares, however, lamented that the Union took things “upside down”. “We have electric cars but we should have taken care first of producing enough clean energy and creating the charging infrastructure”. On good terms…


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