How to buy back your used car in a minute

How to buy back your used car in a minute

Selling your car can sometimes look like an obstacle course. Quibblers, buyers a priori interested who retract, delirious requests for lower prices… These are the joys of the classified ads! Some brands, such as Sell Your Car, have understood the embarrassment in which owners could find themselves, offering a quick buy-back process in specially dedicated stores. But these still require, for the most part, making an appointment, which lasts several tens of minutes and calls for a test by an expert.

The second-hand car specialist BCA is planning to strike a blow with a new service, making it possible to propose a firm buy-back offer in just over a minute. The secret is the availability in public car parks of a scanner, the ProovStation. Under the bright lighting of this one, the cameras detect the slightest imperfection on the body of the car which passes under it at low speed. In less than a minute, a complete report can be edited, for a complete inventory of the exterior. Depending on the model and mileage of the vehicle in question, it is possible to obtain a diagnosis that allows the evaluation.


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