How to charge your electric car at home

How to charge your electric car at home

There is a minority of EV drivers who choose to do so charge their car mainly at public terminals or at work. In fact, most owners choose to charge at home, which has the advantage of being both practical and economically and easy to implement once you know how.

Check your electrical installation before installing a charging station

If you want to charge your electric car or plug-in hybrid at home, you should first check whether your home can support charging. The electrical installation must be properly dimensioned, wired and well protected to avoid any risk of overheating and overvoltage. In fact, charging an electric vehicle for several hours consumes a lot of energy (charging from a standard socket takes longer) and therefore requires a suitable network.

If you have no idea about the reliability of your installation, your best bet is to consult an electrician. If everything is in order, you can plug your vehicle directly into one of your three-phase household sockets. The electrician can also install a reinforced outlet that will provide more power. Installation included, count on around 500 euros.

Install a charging station for your electric car at home

The second way to charge your electric vehicle at home is to install a personal charging station (we’re talking about a wallbox). These boxes allow for fast charging, and if they’re an initial investment, it ultimately saves on electricity bills. However, if you are completely free to install this type of terminal in a single apartment, things get more complicated if you live in a condominium.

Especially in a parking garage you will need it Obtain the consent of the co-ownership association or the landlord to have a terminal installed. It can be useful to anticipate your request: the procedure is sometimes lengthy. The installation itself can also be complex, since the terminal must include a meter that will charge you for charging without affecting other users of the network.

Note that some companies offer turnkey services for convenience. They take care of all the steps, from installing the charging station to putting it into operation, including the actual billing. These companies also carry out the procedures so that you can benefit from the Advenir program, subsidies to finance up to 50% of the installation price, within the limit of 1,300 euros excluding taxes (or 1,660 euros if the terminal is equipped with load control system).

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