“I want to see her one last time”: In the UK, the funeral of Elizabeth II is progressing

“I want to see her one last time”: In the UK, the funeral of Elizabeth II is progressing

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12:56 p.m. September 12, 2022

In the UK, the Queen’s coffin will be taken to St Giles Cathedral in Edinburgh on Monday, marking the start of a week of mourning in the country. After a religious ceremony, the public can see the Queen’s coffin one last time before she leaves for London. In the capital, preparations for the funeral are progressing rapidly.

A long week of mourning begins for the UK. Thousands of Englishmen are expected in Scotland on Monday at Saint-Gilles Cathedral to pay their respects to Queen Elizabeth II, who died last Thursday at the age of 96. The royal coffin will be on public display there for the last time before leaving for London. Some traveled across the country to bid farewell to the Queen, who was Queen of the United Kingdom and Commonwealth for almost 70 years, such as Yann, who traveled more than 200 kilometers to attend.

“See Her One Last Time”

“I took the bus from Perth to Edinburgh to get here. She was the queen, my queen all my life and I just wanted to see her one last time.” The procession departs from the Palace of Holyroodhouse towards Saint-Gilles Cathedral at approximately 3.30pm French time. The Queen’s coffin is carried in the royal hearse, a black vehicle with transparent windows, and is followed by the new King Charles III. and Queen Camilla, who will walk behind the convoy to the Cathedral.

Once the coffin is in the cathedral, the king places the solid gold crown of Scotland on top. This is followed by a religious ceremony lasting about 1 hour. Scots can then meditate in front of Queen Elizabeth II’s coffin tonight. Tonight and all day tomorrow. The Queen’s body will then leave Edinburgh by plane and fly to London.

Strict protocol in London

Almost 2,000 heads of state are expected to attend the Queen’s funeral in the British capital. Faced with this influx, rules were put in place to limit the flow of travel and potential anarchy on the streets of London. First, due to space limitations, only one representative per state may be present, accompanied by their spouse. For example, there would have been a call to take commercial flights to avoid private jet or official aircraft congestion at Heathrow Airport.

The use of helicopters that have arrived in the British capital is also prohibited. These heads of state cannot travel by car either, so the bus under police escort will be mandatory to get to Westminster Abbey. After all, the heads of state who want to bow to the remains of the queen have only three short minutes to pay homage to her.

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