In Iran, the mullahs are challenging an economic situation in the red

In Iran, the mullahs are challenging an economic situation in the red

The French government on Friday October 7 asked the French to leave Iran as soon as possible. Another sign of rising tensions in the country. While the Iranian authorities are trying at all costs to end the demonstrations that have set the country ablaze since September 16, after a young woman – Mahsa Amini – was arrested by vice squads for wearing an ill-fitting veil, and that NGOs With more than 75 dead already, this revolt, like that of 2017 and 2019, has a strong economic dimension. And with good reason: with inflation at 50% and youth unemployment at over 20%, the government of ultra-conservative President Ebrahim Raïssi is facing an explosive situation. “Iran is emerging from a decade of economic stagnation, observes Clément Therme, Iran specialist and lecturer at Sciences Po., to enter the job market. Retirees are also finding it increasingly difficult.”


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