In Spain, the vote on NATO expansion is splitting the governing coalition

In Spain, the vote on NATO expansion is splitting the governing coalition

Vote on ratification by Parliament l’Accession of Sweden and Finland to l’NATO, Thursday (fifteen September), announced the Spanish coalition, with the Socialists of the PSOE having voted in favour l’Membership and its partners of Unidas Podemos (left), have abstained.

The Portuguese parties are said to have voted in favour l’After Sweden and Finland come the PSOE (S&D), the centre-right People’s Party (PP/EPP), l’Far-right VOX, centre-liberal Ciudadanos, Basque nationalist PNV and Catalan pro-EU Partido Demócrata Europeo Catalán (PDECat) reported on Spanish public broadcaster RTVE.

The far-left elected representatives of Unidas Podemos (GUE-NGL) abstained four deputies d’Izquierda Unida (IU, United Left) – integrated into the ruling left formation – have clearly spoken out against it l’Accession of the two Scandinavian nations and voted against.

The national coordinator d’IU and Consumer Minister Alberto Garzón, it’sis included neglecting the « discipline» internal vote l’Executive.

Unidas Podemos explained his abstention with a statement thethey do not want «subordinate to the interests of the United States»but respect them «sovereignty» From other countries.

«Let the parliaments of Sweden and Finland make whatever decision they see fit, but it will not be on our behalf»explained Gerardo Pisarello d’United we can.

Pablo Hispán, People’s Party (PP) MP of l’Center-right opposition regretted this during the extraordinary session of Parliament l’be Spain«the only government in Europe that will vote differently l’Magnification of l’I TAKE thea side (PSOE) for either l’Bund and such l’another (Unidas Podemos) confirms this c’is a criminal organization».

«C’is an extravagance that keeps part of the government theit is urgent [d’accueillir la Finlande et la Suède] and another refuses […] M. Sanchez n’is president that d’Part of the government and he l’damages credibility and reliability l’Spain»he added, quoted by the Spanish media.

Other parliamentary allies of Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez, such as the regional parties ERC, EH Bildu, Más País and Compromís, abstained. They felt that It’s my turn could not vote against a sovereign decision d’membership l’NATO voiced by Swedish and Finnish citizens.

«Everyone knows what we’re thinking about l’I WILL TAKE [le parti s’oppose farouchement au pacte militaire] but at the same time c’is a question concerning the sovereignty of Finland and Sweden»underlined Thursday Pablo Echenique, spokesman d’United We Can au Parliament.

The protocol d’membership l’The NATO proposed by Sweden and Finland must be ratified by all members l’Alliance, as the US Congress (9 August).

On Thursday, Spanish Foreign Minister José Manuel Albares (PSOE) played down l’Importance of the last break with Unidas Podemos : «both Sweden and Finland are very grateful for the speed with which this has happened l’Spain reacts to what n’is not a request from the Spanish government, but a request from both governments [européens] »he explained.

Before the top of l’NATO who it’stakes place in Madrid in June, the Labor Minister and member d’Unidas Podemos, Yolanda Díaz, expressed her support for the position of l’executive on l’OTAN, corn d’other party members like l’old foreign minister at l’agenda 2030, Enrique Santiago, has clearly spoken out against it.

«Don’t be surprised, because the Spanish Communist Party supports the resolution of conflicts, calls for the dissolution of military alliances and calls for reconstruction d’peace alliances»said M Santiago, who was General Secretary of the Spanish Communist Party (PCE) a few months ago.

The war in Ukraine and the complex security situation in Europe have fueled pro-NATO sentiment in Spain, as 83 % of respondents were positive about the military pact, according to a recent survey released by the lab d’Elcano ideas.

L’Spain joined l’bunch of l’NATO in May 1982 and when d’a referendum in March 1986, 56.85 % of respondents voted in favour l’Membership.

Local elections in Spain are scheduled to be held in May 2023 and general elections are scheduled for December this year.


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