In the presidential majority, points scored but some friction and ambitions

In the presidential majority, points scored but some friction and ambitions

At the end of an exhausting session, the deputies of the majority can be proud to pass the course of the vote of first texts, in a very divided hemicycle. But after a few false notes and marks of ambition, the allies LREM, MoDem and Horizons must agree better.

The parliamentarians “kept a cool head” when the worst was predicted for them and they had to face the blows, in particular from LFI and the RN, notes a minister. He salutes a “united, solid, serene” and “very present” majority: “it makes you want to be a deputy!”

This is because parliamentary life, its convulsions and behind-the-scenes negotiations have found themselves at the center of attention. With a block that had to hold firm: that of the three groups of the majority, including the youngest Horizons, founded on the initiative of former Prime Minister Edouard Philippe who projects himself on 2027.

“It’s not the time”, for him or others tempted to set up their teams, like Bruno Le Maire or Gérald Darmanin, stings a heavyweight.

“However, we thought we would have two or three quiet years with Macron as our only compass”, looses an old trucker, worried about “fragilities which will increase”.

“Whatever the ambitions of each other for the future, they will only have a future if this mandate has succeeded”, warns Aurore Bergé, patron saint of LREM deputies (renamed Renaissance), the largest group with 172 members. and relatives.

Richard Ferrand visits the tennis court in Versailles, March 2, 2022 (AFP/Archives – Sameer Al-DOUMY)

In total, the Macronist troops have gone from a hegemonic position under the first five-year term, with 345 seats, to 250 since June, or some 40 votes from an absolute majority. “The presidential minority no longer decides everything on its own”, likes to point out the left.

And pillars of the Assembly like Richard Ferrand and Christophe Castaner, close to Emmanuel Macron, failed at the polls. “The + reset + (reset, editor’s note) was total”, notes a parliamentary source to explain the necessary adjustments between the bosses of the groups, the new president of the Assembly Yaël Braun-Pivet and the Prime Minister, by nature head. of the majority.

– “Improvisation” –

Elisabeth Borne got involved with all parliamentarians, by declining her method of seeking compromise within the “republican arc”, from which she dismisses LFI and RN. And she repeatedly called on the presidential camp to “the spirit of responsibility, commitment, solidarity”.

In fact, “the slap of the legislative elections has closed ranks”, observes Karl Olive, neo-MP LREM. Without preventing a few hitches.

Most striking episode: the vote by elected Horizons on July 23, with opposition and against the opinion of Bruno Le Maire, of an amendment to allocate 120 million to the departments in compensation for the increase in the RSA they pay.

“We wanted to give a signal on the situation of the communities which are facing difficulties and to reiterate that we must work together in confidence” within the majority, then explained in Les Echos Laurent Marcangeli, president of the 30 Horizons deputies, on the right wing.

The Corsican elected official also marked his difference in the attitude to adopt in the face of extremes: “Be careful not to keep our partisan reflexes” and “if common sense proposals emerge from the RN and LFI, I could vote for them” , he told Le Figaro.

On the MoDem side too, tempers can heat up, as when Aurore Bergé announced without prior consultation her plan to constitutionalize the right to abortion. “It’s permanent improvisation” and “nobody really masters the strategy”, we deplore the centrist group (48 deputies) led by Jean-Paul Mattei.

These “discontents” expressed by the partners will “serve us as a lesson”: “we need more intergroups and joint meetings”, we say to the government, very taken in parallel by the negotiations with LR, auxiliary force of the majority.

“The loyalty that must be ours between the three groups must hold,” warned Aurore Bergé, who must herself manage the left wing of her group, which for example called for a time to tax superprofits.

“When the battle rings (for the votes, editor’s note), not one must be missing,” Emmanuel Macron asked in early July, while inviting the majority groups to “bring their differences to life” internally.


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