Inflation: Austrian landlords hosting Ukrainians need help

Inflation: Austrian landlords hosting Ukrainians need help

More and more landlords who temporarily provided housing for Ukrainian refugees now want their apartments back because of inflation or for personal use. Caritas Austria is asking the government for financial help so that Ukrainians can keep their homes.

Overall, almost 80% of the 57,000 Ukrainians in Austria who are part of the social network of basic services are still housed in private apartments.

However, the humanitarian organization Caritas warns that this support could be temporary and that there are few other vacancies.

“We have repeatedly pointed out to the federal government that it mistakenly feels it is in a safe position. Our assumption that landlords do not make their apartments available indefinitely has now come true.”said Caritas General Secretary Anna Parr of the Austrian daily newspaper The standard.

“Either the owners need the apartment themselves, or they have to rent out the space due to inflation”Ms Parr explained before specifying that the situation was not due to a weakening of solidarity.

As more landlords want to rent out or live in their homes, Caritas and other aid organizations are proposing that private housing providers receive financial support to encourage them to take in refugees who might otherwise become homeless.


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