Iran: EU says suppression of demonstrations ‘unacceptable’

Iran: EU says suppression of demonstrations ‘unacceptable’

The European Union decided on Sunday (September 25) “Unjustified and Unacceptable” the usage “widespread and disproportionate violence” against protesters in Iran after nine days of protests over the death of a young woman in deputy police custody that left 41 dead.

In a statement on behalf of the EU, the head of European diplomacy, Josep Borrell, also condemned “Iranian authorities’ decision to drastically restrict internet access and block instant messaging platforms”who “represents a blatant violation of freedom of expression”.

“The European Union will continue to review all options at its disposal ahead of the next Foreign Ministers Council, given the death of Mahsa Amini and the manner in which the Iranian security forces have responded to the demonstrations.”warned Mr. Borrell without further elaboration.

The protests began on September 16, the day Mahsa Amini died, arrested September 13 in Tehran “Inappropriate Wearing of Clothing” in the Islamic Republic, where the dress code for women is strict.

“We expect Iran to immediately stop violent repression of protests and allow internet access and free flow of information”adds the EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs.

He also called on Tehran to do the same “Clarification of the number of dead and arrested, release of all non-violent protesters”.

“The death of Mahsa Amini must be fully investigated and everyone responsible for her death held accountable”he continues and takes “Remark on this from the Iranian President’s statement” Ebrahim Raissi.

According to the non-detailed Iranian official report, 41 people were killed in the nine-day protests, including protesters and security forces.

But the toll could be higher as Oslo-based NGO Iran Human Rights reports at least 54 protesters have been killed.


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