Iranian drones in Ukraine: Russia and Iran deny, EU is preparing sanctions

Iranian drones in Ukraine: Russia and Iran deny, EU is preparing sanctions

Russia and Iran on Wednesday (19 October) at the United Nations firmly denied that Tehran is supplying armed drones to Moscow for its war in Ukraine, while the European Union promised future sanctions against the Islamic Republic.

Deputy Ambassador of Russia to the United Nations Dmitry Polianski and Ambassador of Iran Amir Said Iravani took turns speaking to the press at the door of the Security Council after a two-hour closed session, at the request of Westerners, on the issue of Iranian drones in Ukraine .

The Russian diplomat, ironic and very lively, scourged “Baseless allegations, conspiracy theories and no evidence presented to the Security Council”. Mr. Polianski claimed that drones “used by russian army in ukraine were made in russia” and therefore not of Iranian origin.

The Iranian ambassador also swept “Baseless and unfounded allegations” on this alleged drone transfer between the two allies and reiterated that his country wants one “Peaceful Agreement” of the Ukraine conflict.

During the October 12 vote organized by the UN General Assembly condemning the Russian annexation “illegal” in eastern Ukraine, Tehran, like 34 other member states, abstained.

Russian threat

To his denial, the Russian Polianski added a threat against the UN General Secretariat and its boss Antonio Guterres.

In the event of a UN investigation “absolutely unprofessional and political” to determine the origin of drones in Ukraine, “We would have to reconsider our cooperation with them (the General Secretariat), which would be in nobody’s interest”the diplomat started.

Tehran has repeatedly denied supplying Russia with weapons and drones for its operations in Ukraine in recent days. But on the ground, the Kiev Air Force said Wednesday it had destroyed 223 Iranian drones since mid-September.

Similarly, the spokeswoman for European diplomacy Nabila Massrali announced in Brussels that the EU had merged “enough evidence” demonstrates that the drones used by Moscow were supplied by Tehran.

She said the 27 were preparing “a clear, rapid and decisive European response”.

A list of sanctions has been presented to them and a decision is awaited. “in the course of the week”according to a diplomatic source.

According to this list, viewed by AFP, the sanctions specifically target Iran’s Shahed Aviation Industries, which is linked to the powerful Revolutionary Guards, and three military officials, including General Mohammed Hossein Bagheri, chief of staff of the Iranian Armed Forces.

dying agreement

In Washington, a spokesman for American diplomacy made it clear: they exist “Amount of evidence that Russia uses Iranian (drones) for reckless and premeditated attacks against the Ukrainian population and critical civilian infrastructure”.

“The United States joins the British and French” to denounce “a clear violation of UN Security Council Resolution 2231 (of 2015)”a text framing the now ailing international agreement on Tehran’s nuclear program, this Foreign Ministry spokesman added.

Finally, “On Friday, at the request of France and Mexico, the Security Council will hold a (public) meeting on the protection of civilians to discuss the issue of indiscriminate attacks against civilians that may constitute ‘war crimes’.”said a French diplomatic source.


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