Iranian nuclear: EU compromise text to avoid a “dangerous crisis”

Iranian nuclear: EU compromise text to avoid a “dangerous crisis”

The head of European diplomacy and coordinator for the Iranian nuclear dossier, the Spaniard Josep Borrell, submitted a draft compromise and called on Tuesday (25 July) the parties involved in the talks in Vienna to accept it to avoid a “dangerous crisis”.

He recognizes that the text “is not a perfect match”but “it represents the best possible agreement that I, as the facilitator of the negotiations, consider to be achievable”he says in a column published by the Financial Times.

The proposed compromise “addresses all the essentials and includes hard-won compromises by all parties”he points out.

Risks of nuclear crisis

In case of rejection, “we risk a dangerous nuclear crisis”he warns.

“The Coordinator shared his ideas for concluding the negotiations. We too have our own ideas, both in substance and in form, to conclude the negotiations.Iranian negotiator Ali Bagheri said in a post on his twitter account on Tuesday.

Concluded by Iran and six powers (Russia, United States, China, France, United Kingdom and Germany), the JCPOA is the 2015 agreement governing the Iranian nuclear program.

JCPOA coordinator Josep Borrell traveled to Tehran on June 25 to meet Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian. The two officials announced the resumption “in the next few days” talks in Vienna.

The talks in Austria opened in April 2021 are intended to reintegrate the United States into the Iran nuclear deal reached in 2015 and bring Iran back to full compliance with its commitments dictated by this pact. They have been at a standstill since March.

Immediate decision making required

The compromise submitted by Josep Borrell addresses ” in detail “ the lifting of the sanctions imposed on Iran and the nuclear measures necessary to restore the JCPOA.

It does not address all the concerns of the United States regarding Iran and serious reservations are expressed in Tehran for the implementation of an agreement, recognizes Josep Borrell. “But decisions have to be made now”he pleads.

The JCPOA aims to guarantee the civilian nature of Iran’s nuclear program, accused of seeking to acquire atomic weapons despite its denials, in exchange for a gradual lifting of international sanctions affecting the Iranian economy.


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