Is Citroën right to sacrifice so many models?

Is Citroën right to sacrifice so many models?

C1, C4 SpaceTourer, Berlingo, SpaceTourer… It’s a real carnage that seems to affect the Citroën range in recent weeks. We wanted to check, on a trial basis, whether the alternatives offered within the range could meet the needs of customers of the models that have disappeared.

C1: yes

It had been established for several months that the Stellantis group would not renew its partnership with Toyota for the design of a new generation of small cars in the A segment. This signifies the end of the life of the Citroën C1 (as well as its cousin the Peugeot 108), while the Japanese persists, alone, with a completely new Aygo X (read our test of the Toyota Aygo X). In a press release, the manufacturer with chevrons claims to have the solution in its range: on the one hand, the Citroën Ami, for city trips in restricted traffic areas and, on the other hand, the Citroën C3 for which looking for a more versatile solution.

Citroen C1

In our opinion, it is obvious that the Friend cannot replace the C1. This car without an electric licence, very cheap, will only be able to satisfy a small segment of the customers of the outgoing model. It is an intelligent and unique vehicle on the market, but which can in no way supplant the C1, due to its limited range and comfort.


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