Isolated within her council, the mayor of Saint-Aubin-En-Bray resigns

Isolated within her council, the mayor of Saint-Aubin-En-Bray resigns

The resignation of Marie Doisneau, mayor of Saint-Aubin-en-Bray (Oise) was submitted in June. – Photo: Oise Hebdo Archives

Marie Doisneau is no longer mayor of Saint-Aubin-en-Bray. His resignation submitted in June was validated by a letter from the prefecture, received on Tuesday July 26, the day after a stormy municipal council, in this town located near Beauvais.

It’s been two years since the councils have been stormysaid the person concerned, thus justifying her departure. It’s my own decision. I had to face strong opposition, not very constructive and not very positive, since the beginning of my mandate. There was a lot of turnover on one of the two opposition lists. Depending on the people who held this position, there are periods of tension and calm. There, it was again for a period of tension.»

“When I became mayor, I wanted to give more voice within the team, but in the end…”

Marie Doisneau, former mayor of Saint-Aubin-en-Bray.

The mayor, elected in 2020, notes that part of her team has “found on boardby the opposition: “I wasn’t really supported. I re-established the bar, but it became contentious again. To the point that the 2022 budget is questioned. I cannot continue under these conditions.»
The news of the resignation, long kept secret by the mayor, surprised everyone. Like the opponent Norbert Philippet, the only elected member of his list, who immediately announced, on Facebook, his desire to be elected mayor. He claims to have already chosen his deputies and delegated advisers, from the majority and the other opposition list. “They would be paid on the envelope that I and the deputies will give upent partly to be collected“, promises Norbert Philippet. Another suitor has also declared himself: it is Patrice Dufour, current first deputy
Marie Doisneau looks at this election with a detached eye: “After two terms as a councillor, when I became mayor, I wanted to give more voice within the team, but in the end… In any case, I gladly give them my place, when they haven’t done any mandate before.A city council to elect a new mayor is scheduled for Friday July 29.


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