Italy: Who is Giorgia Meloni, who will soon be Draghi’s successor?

Italy: Who is Giorgia Meloni, who will soon be Draghi’s successor?

Nothing seems to prevent Giorgia Meloni from becoming the first female President of the Italian Council after the September 25 general elections. Far ahead of her right-wing allies in the polls and facing a divided left, the short blonde woman, who grew up in a suburb of Rome from which she has retained the popular intonations, seduces Italians.

But who is Giorgia Meloni? The Passionaria, who, invited to a meeting of the far-right Spanish Vox party last spring, incited neo-Francoists to praise “God, family and fatherland”? Or the one who gives an interview to the Reuters agency to reassure international investors by explaining that it is not about “making madness” that could damage public accounts? A respectable habit that she successfully donned on September 2nd in Lombardy in front of the transalpine business establishment, which met at the Ambrosetti Forum in Cernobbio.

Financial orthodoxy

“Giorgia Meloni plays on two registers,” analyzes political scientist Massimiliano Panarari, professor at Rome’s Mercatorum University. On the one hand, it pledges to its traditional constituency of genuine fascists, skillfully accredited in business circles and international institutions, which now see them as a bulwark against Matteo Salvini’s populist excesses. No one can know what role she is sincere in.”


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