“It’s not normal”: In the Rhône, Opac tenants asked to avoid the elevator

“It’s not normal”: In the Rhône, Opac tenants asked to avoid the elevator

It is a surprising request, to say the least, that has been made to the occupants of this building in Brignais on the Rhône. In a letter posted on the front door of this four-storey building, the Rhône’s Opac (Organization for Low-Cost Housing) explains that rising electricity prices are significantly increasing the parties’ costs. To deal with this, the HLM office is asking tenants to limit elevator use.

In this building in Brignais on the Rhône, the HLM office asks residents not to use the elevator.

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“A lift ride costs about 0.10 euros. If you use your lift hundreds of times a day, that’s a significant cost,” explains Xavier Inglebert, General Manager of the Opac du Rhone. But depriving the residents of the system is out of the question: “For older people, for people with limited mobility, for mums and dads who have a stroller or a shopping basket, it is natural to take the elevator. But for the others, it is one of the small efforts that are possible,” he assures.

“We are not children”

When the HLM office tries to provide the forms, this request is not necessarily well received by tenants. “It’s not normal, it’s essential. And saving just ten cents per elevator ride isn’t much. I don’t necessarily agree with taking people hostage there,” explains a local resident.

“It’s being abused, we’re not kids. Before you think about elevators, check out the building’s underground parking lot. It operates 24 hours a day,” said another tenant. An idea that the grandpa will quickly look at. The agency has already launched a major energy saving plan to face the winter. The Opac du Rhône is asking tenants to limit the use of lights and reduce the duration of timers to reduce the EDF bill by 20%.

Reference: www.europe1.fr

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