“It’s worth it”: In London, an endless queue to see the coffin of Elizabeth II

“It’s worth it”: In London, an endless queue to see the coffin of Elizabeth II

An endless queue. Outside Westminster Hall, where the Queen’s coffin is on display, thousands of people are waiting to say goodbye to Elizabeth II. Many are still queuing on Lambeth Bridge, a few hundred yards from Parliament. Dressed in a large jacket, even a survival blanket draped over their shoulders, red eyes from fatigue and sometimes dressed in a smart suit, everyone came to greet one last time the one who had been their queen for more than 70 years.

“We queued up next to the Tower of London at midnight. We were neither hungry nor cold that evening. In reality, we’ve become friends,” says a Brit at the Europe 1 microphone. “It was worth the wait, no doubt. The Queen deserves this wait,” adds her neighbor in line.

“It’s important to do it”

And in addition to the English, many tourists made their way to London to witness this historic moment. “We’ve been here since midnight. We can’t take it anymore and they say it’s a long time coming,” explain Ludivine and Carline. “You have to take it as an experience. But it’s not cold, it’s not raining. And then, I think it remains iconic, it’s a little bit like everybody’s grandmother, so yeah, it’s important to do that,” the two add on French Women.

Beside the crowd, stewards in yellow waistcoats chat with anonymous individuals, encouraging them to wait a little longer for a final reference before the Queen of England.


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Reference: www.europe1.fr

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