Jadot (EELV) does not exclude that environmentalists participate in a coalition government

Jadot (EELV) does not exclude that environmentalists participate in a coalition government

Former environmental presidential candidate Yannick Jadot stressed on Friday that the Greens were “always ready to compromise” and did not rule out that they would participate, under conditions, in a possible “coalition” government to get out of the political crisis.

“We are always ready to compromise (…) when a text is positive, when it goes in the right direction,” he assured France Inter.

Could environmentalists thus participate in a coalition government, a track mentioned by Emmanuel Macron to get out of the crisis? “I’m not closing the door to anything, because the president didn’t talk about anything,” he kicked into touch, regretting that the head of state made “appeals with his foot clearly to the right” and not to destination of the left and environmentalists.

However, he added, “if he proposed” measures to combat climate change, for agriculture, purchasing power, democracy, “obviously we would have to think about it”. “But today, this is not the position of the President of the Republic”, he noted.

As for seeing ecologists enter the government, the MEP considered that “this is not the subject today”.

“The subject today is: what does the President of the Republic offer the French and the political parties represented in the National Assembly?” because for the moment “he is organizing the blocking of our institutions”, insisted Mr. Jadot.

“Will Emmanuel Macron be the architect of a refounded democracy, finally deliberative, where compromises are made (…), or will he remain this president braced on his power, tempting constantly the poaching and submission of other political groups”, he summed up, judging that Mr. Macron “should not issue ultimatums” but “carry out societal choices, a change of method” so that ” the groups position themselves in relation to that”.

Mr. Macron on Wednesday asked the opposition parties to “say in complete transparency how far they are ready to go” to “build compromises”: “Enter into a coalition of government and action (or) commit to simply vote on certain texts, our budget”.

The parties began to respond on Thursday, returning the ball to the presidential camp, refusing the idea of ​​a coalition government and wishing to give Parliament its full role in examining texts “on a case-by-case basis”.


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