Jean-Pierre Ploué, the man who recreates the Lancias, the legendary Alfas

Jean-Pierre Ploué, the man who recreates the Lancias, the legendary Alfas

This man is key. Peugeot 208, 3008, 408, Citroën, DS, it’s him. Jean-Pierre Ploué indeed supervises the style of the French brands (PSA) of Stellantis, but also of Opel. And he will now lead the design of future Fiats, especially the iconic Alfa Romeo and Lancia. At 59, this former Renault, Volkswagen, Ford, joined PSA in 1999, is “Chief Design Officer” of the European brands of the new Stellantis group. “I feel like a passionate young designer facing the new challenge of legendary Italian brands,” he enthuses in an interview with Challenges. Moreover, Jean-Pierre Ploué is, in addition to his duties, directly in charge of the design of Lancia (born 116 years ago), whose rebirth Carlos Tavares, general manager of Stellantis, has promised.

“We want to be inspired by the two or three legendary cars in the history of Alfa Romeo, Lancia”. For Lancia, “our references are the Aurelia (1950s), the Fulvia coupé (1965-1976), the Delta (1979-1993)”, he assures. Models that haunt the dreams of collectors. Faced with our questions about the relaunch of the Lancia brand, Jean-Pierre Ploué assures us: “don’t worry! We have found (a visual identity). We will recognize a future Lancia from afar”. Three new models are now planned by 2028, two of which are electric. The first will be a city car. A tough challenge, however, for an old historic brand that has fallen into disuse, which today only manufactures a “small” technically rustic one for the transalpine market alone, the Ypsilon born in 2011. Lancia sold barely 43,857 in 2021.


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