John Paul I, a pope with a lightning reign beatified in the Vatican

John Paul I, a pope with a lightning reign beatified in the Vatican

Louise Sallé, edited by Ophélie Artaud

Pope only 33 days before dying suddenly, John Paul I will be beatified this Sunday at the Vatican. A lightning reign, but with which Pope Francis identifies a lot. If he is beatified, it is because a miracle would have happened thanks to him: “a child cured in an unexplained way”, explains the Vaticanist Bernard Lecomte at the microphone of Europe 1.

He was nicknamed the smiling pope. And he will be beatified this Sunday morning at the Vatican. This is John Paul Iᵉʳ, the last Italian pope who died only 33 days after the start of his pontificate. A lightning reign, which in spite of everything inspires Pope Francis. Jean-Paul Iᵉʳ looked a lot like François. Jesuit like him, he wanted to be very simple.

A child cured “in an unexplained way”

“His character leads him first to visit the poor, to receive each other, to speak simply. He had no equal in talking to children, he explained things to them, it was nice. is to tell you if he left the image of a very human, very warm and very simple man”, underlines Bernard Lecomte, Vaticanist and author of biographies on the popes.

Jean-Paul Iᵉʳ died suddenly of a heart attack. The possibility of beatifying him, of setting him up as a model for Catholics, the step before sainthood, has been studied for several years. “It was parishioners in Buenos Aires, Argentina, who informed Rome that a child had been cured in an unexplained way. That is the definition of a miracle, because his family had prayed to John Paul Iᵉʳ. had Saint John Paul II, we had Saint John XXIII, we will probably have Saint John Paul Iᵉʳ.” Over the past 50 years, three popes have thus become saints.


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