Kia Niro hybrid: Korean hybrid SUV rivals Toyota

Kia Niro hybrid: Korean hybrid SUV rivals Toyota

If there is a model that hid its game well, it is the Kia Niro. Because this crossover with wise lines gave the kick off the electrification of the Korean brand, available in hybrid, plug-in hybrid and electric. Unprecedented in world production then… Except for the cousin Hyundai Ioniq. The Korean crossover for the first time offered real opposition to Toyota. Smooth to drive, functional and habitable, it has established itself on the market. He really only needed a dose of charm to stand out.

Charm is precisely what the designers have endeavored to give to this second generation. The philosophy which currently presides in the center of style of Kia, it is “the alliance of the opposites”. Mean by this that the creatives rack their brains to give a harmonious general aspect to elements which, taken separately, do not give the best associations a priori. With its thin nose and high-pitched rear, the electric EV6 demonstrated a few months ago that the result could at the very least be spectacular. Compared to the latter, the second generation Niro is a little wiser in its silhouette, which remains at halfway between compact sedan and SUV. The treatment of details, with a frowning look reminiscent of the beating of an oscilloscope, brings a welcome breath of fresh air. The monolithic rear, with vertical lights pushed back to the ends, is distinguished by a modernity radically opposed to the agreed stern of the previous generation.

A more original Kia Niro hybrid, but still functional

All the same, in neutral colors, this new Niro will not turn heads, even if it turns out to be pleasant. This is why the designers have concocted a two-tone bodywork, with contrasting quarter pillar. What give a real boost to the silhouette. In France, only black and gray are offered, while the palette is wider elsewhere. But the subsidiary does not rule out offering more daring combinations in the future, for example for limited series. In short, by changing generation, the Kia Niro has offered a capital seduction.


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