Korean Hyundai-Kia overtakes Renault

Korean Hyundai-Kia overtakes Renault

It’s really not going away! New car registrations plunged another 13% in the European Union (+Switzerland, Norway, Great Britain) in May, according to ACEA! It was the weakest May recorded by the European Builders Association since its statistics began in 1990, excluding the pandemic and the 2020 lockdown. With falls of 20.6% in Britain, 15% in Italy, 11% in Spain, -10% in France and Germany. Over five months, these are also the worst results recorded with 4.07 million vehicles sold (-13.5% over one year) – still excluding 2020.

Since the beginning of the year, Stellantis has fallen by more than 22%. This is the group that falls the most among the major manufacturers. Citroën plunged by almost 25%, as did Peugeot and Fiat. The Renault group fell by more than 9%, the progress of Dacia (+14%) not compensating for the plunge of the diamond brand itself (-21.4%). But the great novelty is that, for the first time in a total of five months, Renault has lost… its third place in Europe. The Korean group Hyundai (with its two brands Hyundai and Kia) blithely passes it, progressing by 17%. From now on, it claims 10% of the European market, against only 8.7% for Renault, 19.2% for Stellantis, and 24.2% for the Volkswagen group.


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