La Nupes presents its 2023 “counter-budget” to the Assembly

La Nupes presents its 2023 “counter-budget” to the Assembly

A “guarantee of dignity at 1,060 euros a month”, the minimum wage at 1,500 euros and 10 billion for the “renovation of the hospital”: On Thursday, the MPs of the left-wing Nupes coalition presented their counter-budget for 2023 and pointed to the “good health” of their alliance .

This counter-budget between the state and social security, defended by the LFI, PS, communists and ecologists, shows “our ability to work together”, emphasized the chairman of the Finance Committee of the National Assembly, Eric Coquerel (LFI). “It is the best thermometer for the health of the nupes”.

The 151 Nupes MPs tabled a motion of no confidence in the government on Wednesday after triggering 49.3 on the first part of the budget.

The left-wing coalition is questioning the government’s “supply policy” and wants “to start from the needs of the population,” according to Éric Coquerel. “We do not make deficit reduction a priority.”

This counter-budget takes up the program of the Nupes in the federal elections with the minimum wage at 1,500 euros net, the “blocking of prices for the bare essentials” and a “guarantee of dignity” of 1,060 euros.

This last measure, estimated to cost 24 billion euros, aims to bring together the current social minima and raise them above the poverty line.

For the “reconstruction of the public hospital”, the LFI Ségolène Amiot defended an increase in operating expenses of 10 billion euros per year and two billion investments: “This is the minimum to set the bar”.

In contrast, the Nupes offers a number of “recipes” such as the tax on the “super profits” of “very large corporations”, which the left expects will reach 10 billion and which it is calling for a referendum on.

“This budget is balanced”, the Nupes are “a government alliance”, assured the socialist Philippe Brun.

“We demand that companies participate in the nation’s efforts in a normal way,” said communist Nicolas Sansu.

The ecologist Sophie Taillé-Polian insisted on “tax justice”. “We argue that the ISF (solidarity tax on wealth) needs to be restored in a modern version of the climate ISF that takes into account the carbon footprint of the wealth of the wealthiest.” This climate ISF would cost 15 billion euros a year, according to Nupes’ calculations bring in

Do the nupes agree on everything? “No, there are issues that we need to work on for a while longer,” but “we already have a lot under control,” replied Sophie Taillé-Polian.


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