Laigneville. A chase causes four accidents in the city

Laigneville. A chase causes four accidents in the city

The fugitive caused chaos during his improbable chase – Credit: Laigneville Communal Reserve / Facebook

A chase started in Nogent-sur-Oise in the afternoon resulted in four accidents in this town located north of the Creil agglomeration. “I don’t know what they have at the moment with Laigneville, but it’s starting to do a lot”, Mayor Christophe Dietrich is angry, referring to a previous chase: a car jacking where some of the criminals had finally been arrested in Laigneville on July 28.

In the case of the most recent incident, the police chased a vehicle, with, inside “A person who was wanted“, Christophe Dietrich believes he knows. However, to escape the authorities, the driver drove at an open grave … At his own risk and those of motorists.

The fugitive’s vehicle lost fluid on the roadway after a series of accidents – Credit: City of Laigneville

He loses fluid for two kilometers

After a series of accidents, the man tried to escape on foot. “He first hit a donkey at full speed and then a car, resulting in a loss of fluid for two kilometers, pursues the chosen one. This spilled liquid then caused an over-accident between two other cars. Then the person being pursued hit a sidewalk at the Aldi shopping center roundabout. He finally tried to escape on foot. Apparently, other people were also in this car”. The police vehicle also also has the car being chased.

In Laigneville, the damage is significant. It was necessary to clean the liquid spilled on the road. In addition to the technical agents, the municipality has mobilized its communal reserve. She also provided technical support to the police officers while they were investigating on the spot.


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