Laigneville. A driver controlled at 111 km / h in the middle of the city

Laigneville. A driver controlled at 111 km / h in the middle of the city

A driver carrying three children on board was checked at 111 km / h instead of 50 km / h in the middle of town in Laigneville. Illustration photo: Christophe Dietrich / Facebook.

In the middle of the afternoon this Tuesday, August 9, a car takes the rue de la République, in Laigneville, launched at full speed. As he arrived from Nogent-sur-Oise, the vehicle was checked at 111 km/h near the allotment gardens. On this street, the speed is normally limited to 50 km/h.

It was the Laigneville municipal police who arrested the motorist. “A 58 year old lady“, according to Christophe Dietrich, the mayor. She was carrying three children on board. “The driver was made available to the national gendarmerie“, continues the mayor.

Going to court

Immediately, “his driver’s license was immediately suspended for 72 hours», announces Christophe Dietrich. “Before the prefect decides on his case.“But in terms of the fine and the number of points withdrawn, it is a court that will have to decide.

«Even if this speeding is exceptional, I remind you that if many inhabitants are on vacation, the municipal police are not…», warns the mayor to conclude.


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