Le Pen calls for the abandonment of sanctions against Russia, which “are useless”

Le Pen calls for the abandonment of sanctions against Russia, which “are useless”

Marine Le Pen called on Tuesday for the abandonment of the sanctions taken against Russia because of the war in Ukraine because, according to her, they “are strictly useless”, except to “make Europeans suffer”.

“I wish” that the sanctions “disappear to avoid Europe being faced with a blackout, in particular concerning gas imports”, declared the leader of the RN deputies during a press conference at the ‘National Assembly.

“These sanctions serve absolutely no purpose, except to make the European peoples suffer and, incidentally, the French people,” she said.

“You have to be really in bad faith not to see that, contrary to the rantings of our government, the Russian economy is not on its knees and is not in default”, according to the MP for Pas-de- Calais. “We are much more victims of these sanctions than is Russia”, which “has found other customers” and which “bypasses the various embargoes”, added the finalist of the last presidential election, denouncing “a succession of chess” on the part of the European Union.

On June 1, Marine Le Pen had already warned against the “cataclysmic consequences on the purchasing power of the French” of the six packages of sanctions against Russia decided by Brussels.

For her, “the real sanction with regard to Russia would have been” to make collapse “the prices of gas and oil”, which “would have strangled much more financially” this country.


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