Lebanon: Mayya’s choreographer calls for ‘revolution’

Lebanon: Mayya’s choreographer calls for ‘revolution’

The choreographer of dance company Mayyas, winner of the America’s Got Talent tele-hook final, condemned the Lebanese political class and called for “revolution” upon his arrival in Beirut on Friday.

Dozens of relatives of the dancers presented flowers to the troupe at Beirut airport, while thousands of Lebanese watched on TV as the troupe’s arrival filled them with pride at a time when their country is being gripped by an unprecedented economic and political crisis.

“We don’t need you (the politicians), the Mayyas made Lebanon proud without your help,” choreographer Nadim Cherfan told AFP at the airport, expressing the frustration of many Lebanese at the political situation in their country.

The Mayya victory brought a rare moment of calm and unity to Lebanon, which has been plagued by an unprecedented crisis for nearly three years.

Amid growing popular discontent, several savers, cheered on by their fellow citizens, recently robbed banks in Lebanon with real or fake guns to recover their bank-frozen deposits. Five banks were stormed on Friday.

“People should rob all the banks, shake up the country,” Mr Cherfan said.

The Mayyas troupe also landed $1 million in America’s Got Talent finals and a chance to perform on one of the Las Vegas shows.

Already winners of Arabs Got Talent in 2019, the troupe won with an extravagant show that mixed belly dancing, feather fans and light effects.

Many fans welcomed the performance of this all-female troupe, calling the show intriguing and intriguing.

Lebanon has been plunged into a severe economic crisis since 2019. The Lebanese pound has lost more than 90% of its value and 80% of the population has been plunged into poverty.

Beirut continues to face the scars of the deadly 2020 explosion of hundreds of tons of ammonium nitrate that killed more than 200 people, injured 6,500 and devastated entire neighborhoods of the Lebanese capital.

“Your job is to feed the starving people and bring electricity,” Mr Cherfan added, appealing to the Lebanese political class.

“As artists, we are leading an artistic revolution,” he added, referring to the 2019 anti-government protests, which many Lebanese at the time dubbed a “revolution.”

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