Legislative 2022: Two ministers and leaders of La France insoumise play big in the Nord and Pas-de-Calais

Legislative 2022: Two ministers and leaders of La France insoumise play big in the Nord and Pas-de-Calais

The legislative elections, which take place on June 12 and 19, will they restore the majority to President Emmanuel Macron? In the Nord and Pas-de-Calais, where the New Union of the Left (Nupes) and the National Rally want to create surprise, nothing is less certain. 20 minutes toured the ridings where eyes will turn from Sunday evening.

Socialist strongholds

In the North, Nupes is betting a lot on the two constituencies where the young guard of Jean-Luc Mélenchon, Adrien Quatennens, and Ugo Bernalicis, is running. In the 1st district (Lille), Adrien Quatennens, presented as the successor to Jean-Luc Mélenchon at the head of France Insoumise (LFI), plays big, in a socialist stronghold where the mayors of Lille, up to Martine Aubry, left their mark.

The head of the LFI obtained 48% of the votes there during the presidential election. Hint: the candidate for the presidential majority, Vanessa Duhamel, did without the photo of Emmanuel Macron on her campaign poster.

In the 2nd (Lille and Villeneuve d’Ascq), it is another figure of rising Melenchonism, Ugo Bernalicis, who is running as an outgoing candidate. Facing him, the candidate for the presidential majority is a local figure since it is the indestructible mayor of Mons-en-Barœul, Rudy Elegeest, who has already tested several boxes on the political spectrum. In this bastion traditionally on the left, the outgoing deputy should do well.

Intact popularity for Gérald Darmanin?

In the 8th (Roubaix and Wattrelos), it is a star of social networks, David Guiraud (more than 100,000 subscribers on Twitter) who will wear the colors of the union of the left. This parachute hopes to bring down the outgoing deputy (LREM) Catherine Osson. The 10th (Tourcoing), promised to the right since the dawn of time, should see the triumph, unsurprisingly, of the Minister of the Interior, Gérald Darmanin. Unless the Stade de France controversy comes to chip the local popularity rating of the acting mayor of Tourcoing.

The 19th (Denain) risks remaining in the hands of the RN with a Sébastien Chenu who has become a media darling. Finally, in the 20th (Saint-Amand-les-Eaux), the result of the communist candidate for the presidential election and outgoing deputy, Fabien Roussel, will be particularly watched.

Marine Le Pen in an armchair?

In Pas-de-Calais, where Marine Le Pen achieved some of her best presidential scores, especially in the former mining area, the RN is in a position of strength. The president of the RN should renew, without too much difficulty, her mandate in the 11th district (Hénin-Beaumont). It remains to be seen whether these territories, which have long remained in the hands of the left, will not return there with the new left alliance.

Finally, in the 6th (Desvres and Ardres, near Calais), the new Minister of Health, Brigitte Bourguignon will serve as a target for her opponents and a test to judge the popularity of the government, in a traditionally centrist stronghold.

All candidates

In the north

1st constituency (Lille): Adrien Quatennens (NUPES), Vanessa Duhamel (Ensemble), Carole Leclercq (RN), Pierre Madelain (Labour struggle), Thomas Fabre (LR/UDI), Frédéric Chaouat (Political wisdom), Constance Godest ( Animalist Party), Jonathan Lefranc (Unlabeled), Mai Rimlinger (Reconquest), Audric Alexandre (Party of European Citizens), Ugo Demarchelier (SE).

2nd (Lille, Villeneuve-d’Ascq): Ugo Bernalicis (NUPES), Rudy Elegeest (Ensemble), Philippe Guérard (RN), Monique Delevallet (Reconquest), Caroline Boisard-Vannier (LR), Virginie Chauchoy (Parti animaliste), Pascale Rougée (Workers’ Struggle), Nordine Aassi (Union of French Muslim Democrats), Nicolas-François Karasiewicz (A New Vision of the Territory), Marie Savage (Democratic Independent Workers’ Party).

8th (Roubaix, Wattrelos): Catherine Osson (Ensemble), David Guiraud (NUPES), Rachida Sahraoui (RNl), Lisa Verlande (Reconquest), Amine El Bahi (Union of the right and the center), Françoise Delbarre (Worker’s struggle) , Christian Vermeersch (Animalist Party), Maël Camerlynck (Debout France), Christian Vermeersch (SE), Samuel Tandonet (French Pirate Party), Aymeric Paco (SE).

10th (Tourcoing): Gérald Darmanin, (Together), Leslie Mortreux (NUPES), Mélanie D’Hont (RN), Louis Bleuzé (Reconquest), Romain Van Gansen (Animalist Party)
Christophe Charlon (Labour struggle), Jérôme Garcia (LR), Valérie Dumortier (SE), Marcelin Brazon (SE), Oued Leuchi (SE).

19th (Denain, Valenciennes Sud): Sébastien Chenu (RN), Emmanuel Cherrier (Together), Patrick Soloch (NUPES), Christine Troia (Reconquest), Cédric Noulin (LR),
Vincent Duquenne (Animalist Party), Cécile Bourlet (Worker’s Struggle), Bruno Raczkiewicz (UDI), and Djemi Drici (SE).

20th (Saint-Amand-les-Eaux): Fabien Roussel (NUPES), Delphine Alexandre (Together), Guillaume Florquin (RN), Béatrice Lassere (Reconquest), Isabelle Lecoeuvre (LR), Bruno Duquesne (Radical Left Party), Rudy Patel (Animalist Party), Dimitri Mozdzierz (Worker’s Struggle), Eric Renaud (Various Left), Monique Huon (Rural Movement).

In Pas-de-Calais

6th (Ardres, Desvres): Brigitte Bourguignon (Ensemble), Faustine Maliar (LR), Pascal Lebecq (NUPES), Christine Deloison (RN), Vanessa Bourel (Parti animaliste), Laure Bourel (Labour struggle), Jérôme Judek (SE) , Simon Erckelboudt (SE), Terry Loire-Régnier (SE), Claudine Blauwart (SE), Pascale Duwieubourg (SE).

11th constituency (Hénin-Beaumont): Marine Le Pen (RN), Alexandrine Pintus (Ensemble), Marine Tondelier (NUPES), Lahcen Raïss (Union of French Muslim Democrats), Dominique Gai (Workers’ Struggle), Léa Caron (Parti Animaliste) , Gautier Weinmann (Sovereign Republic), Anne-Sophie Taszarek (UDI), Maxime Legrand (SE).

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