Legislative results 2022: Marine Le Pen is delighted with the results of the RN during the 1st round

Legislative results 2022: Marine Le Pen is delighted with the results of the RN during the 1st round

Serenity without too much euphoria. Gathered in front of the small Mollet room in Hénin-Beaumont, traditionally reserved for the city’s sewing workshop, the 150 supporters of Marine Le Pen came to congratulate the RN candidate. With 55% of the votes collected in the first round of the legislative elections, the finalist of the last presidential election should have validated her re-election in the 11th district of Pas-de-Calais from this Sunday, June 12.

Except that the low turnout (less than 25% of registered voters) will force him to go through a second round next Sunday against Marine Tondelier, Nupes candidate and elected opposition member in Hénin-Beaumont. But beyond her very favorable score, Marine Le Pen returned more broadly to the results of the RN during this first round of the legislative elections.

By obtaining between 18 and 19% of the votes cast at the national level, the National Rally is about 7 points better than in 2017 and can even hope to obtain between 10 and 45 deputies in the next National Assembly. Much better than five years ago when the party won only eight seats.

A call not to choose

“This result is achieved despite considerable abstention. It is important not to let Emmanuel Macron have an absolute majority which he will abuse to apply his self-centered and brutal methods and impose his anti-social project on us, ”said Marine Le Pen, who called on her voters not to vote at the second round neither for a candidate of the Nupes, nor for a candidate of the presidential majority.

In the constituencies where the second round will oppose a candidate Together! to a candidate from the left alliance (Nupes), the far-right candidate invited voters not to “choose between the destroyers from above and the destroyers from below, not to choose between those who want to deprive you of your rights and those who want to deprive you of your property”.

Disagreement with Robert Ménard

France is neither a trading room nor a ZAD”, an area to be defended, added Marine Le Pen, who hopes to transform the trial of the presidential election where she reached the second round for the second time before to be beaten in the end by the outgoing president.

Speaking on TF1, the acting president of RN Jordan Bardella said for his part that he would vote “white” in the scenario of a second round between a candidate from the presidential party and the union of the left and called the voters of his party “with a start”. Unlike Marine Le Pen, the mayor of Béziers Robert Ménard said on TF1 on Sunday that he would not hesitate “not for a second” to vote for a presidential party candidate in the second round in the event of a duel with a union candidate. of the left (Nupes) despite its “disagreements on security, on immigration, on purchasing power, on contempt for part of France“.

Discover the results of the 2022 legislative elections by constituency in each city and department.


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