Lille: Buses now stop when you want after 10 p.m.

Lille: Buses now stop when you want after 10 p.m.

The stop before the stop. Since Tuesday, Ilévia, public transport operator in the Lille metropolitan area, has generalized the principle of stopping on demand to all of its night bus lines. The idea being, without going as far as home drop-off, to make women traveling alone safer by preventing them from having to walk too long at night.

The carrier had already experimented with this new service in 2019 on three bus lines before deciding to apply it to all. According to Ilévia, the survey carried out among travelers showed that this service could encourage more than 60% of them to take the bus at night.

“People traveling alone or accompanied by a minor”

Concretely, in all buses circulating after 10 p.m., “people traveling alone or accompanied by a minor” can ask to be dropped off between two stops. It is necessary to ask the driver in advance and it is up to him to estimate whether the descent can be done in complete safety.

As stated, this device is not intended only for women. However, they make up 60% of Ilévia’s clientele. The carrier thus wishes to “strengthen the feeling of security” of the latter, “more confronted with insults or violence of a sexist or sexual nature”.

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