Lille: the capital of Hauts-de-France is the cheapest city for veterinary costs, according to a study

Lille: the capital of Hauts-de-France is the cheapest city for veterinary costs, according to a study

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A pet necessarily costs less than a teenager, especially because he will never ask you for a PS5 or a scooter at Christmas. Nevertheless it is not free either, between vaccination, identification, sterilization… And when your Carthusian or your Doberman falls ill, the bill can very quickly climb. Except that, unlike human medicine, the prices of veterinary care are not regulated, and frank disparities exist according to the territories. The “Le mammoth déchaîné” website has therefore conducted a survey of more than 2,000 veterinary clinics in France to establish a ranking of cities according to the prices charged.

The site in question is very serious, even if its name may make you smile. And the study on veterinary tariffs is no less so, established by following a protocol of anonymous calls to 2,105 veterinary practices and clinics in 95 French departments which made it possible to collect 12,630 tariffs. The survey also covers basic interventions only for dogs and cats: consultation, identification, vaccination and reminders, castration and sterilization.

Lille the cheapest city, and Paris explodes in prices

By taking the average of these five acts, at the national level, this represents 440 euros for a cat, 660 euros for a small dog and 724 euros for a large dog. On a departmental scale, the North is the least expensive: -6% for dogs and -14% for cats. By comparing the 10 largest metropolises, Lille takes 1st place, still averaging the five acts for cats and large dogs. There is even better if we look at the smaller cities, in particular Dunkirk, where the budget for a cat is 45 euros cheaper than in Lille. Not surprisingly, Paris wins the prize for the most expensive city, whether for cats or dogs.

Lille also stands out when talking about the inflation of veterinary prices. The site shows that the average price has not increased between 2021 and 2022 in the capital of Flanders. On the other hand, it is in Versailles that prices increased the most, +24%, and it is in Albi that they recorded the largest drop at -17.7%.


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