Lille: The town hall denies the fake news on the Braderie with… fake news

Lille: The town hall denies the fake news on the Braderie with… fake news

It’s not true that it’s not true. The mayor of Lille, Martine Aubry, and a few elected officials went into fake news hunter mode on Tuesday to clarify what we could do, or not, for the 2022 edition of the Grande Braderie. It must be said that between the rumors circulating on social networks and the recent communication hiccups from the town hall, a small clarification was not too much.

“We made our own fake news because it makes us drunk to see information spread that is not true”, attacked, from the outset, Martine Aubry. “Attention, sale canceled in case of good weather”, “sale 2022: second hand prohibited, only new in packaging”, can we read in particular on the visuals that the city intends to display before the event. A humorous communication that refers to the official site of the sale “for the real info”.

“Yes, there will be lost children”

We are not going to go back on this ambiguous sentence from the very official 2022 Braderie Guide, which may suggest that only restaurants offering mussels and fries could sell them during the event. “Yes, we can make fries, drink beer and party. Yes, it’s going to smell like mussels, yes, there will be lost children, but that’s the sale, ”assured Martine Aubry. We are reassured.

For the rest, what is considered the largest garage sale in Europe is therefore returning to its pre-COVID-19 formula. Thirty-six hours of China from Saturday morning to Sunday evening over an extended perimeter of around thirty additional streets or sections of streets. It is also one of the three events of the year during which the city authorizes bars and restaurants to remain open without interruption at night from Saturday to Sunday, with the exception of the terraces which will have to be repacked at 2 am.

Good news, the sale can be done in music, and even in amplified music. After the fiasco of the Fête de la musique, which Martine Aubry assures that it stems from a “misunderstanding”, the rules have been clarified. In bars and restaurants, the “open door” music must be cut at midnight on the night of Friday to Saturday and at 2 a.m. on the night of Saturday to Sunday. DJs and groups will thus be able to have fun without the risk of being rejected by the municipal police.

As for the risk of a last minute cancellation if the coronavirus epidemic were to flare up, Martine Aubry was reassuring: “Normally, this will not call into question the clearance sale, it is too late to cancel it. We still have the possibility of advising the wearing of a mask if the situation were to worsen. »


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