Log Day 9 – Death of Elizabeth II: In Chester, a café is preparing for the funeral

Log Day 9 – Death of Elizabeth II: In Chester, a café is preparing for the funeral

Two large screens and dozens of tables, chairs and armchairs were installed in front of the Storyhouse’s coffee counter. Goal: The goal is to make the atmosphere for broadcasting the funeral as warm as possible. “There will be no seating restrictions, so people can come and go as they please. We’ll also serve free tea or coffee. The idea is that people feel comfortable here,” explains communications manager Nancy Davies. In your opinion, a way to face the news together.

“Thank you ma’am,” reads the front of the café bookstore.

Photo credit: Nina Droff

“It’s a historical element, it seemed important to us to transmit it. Also for those who are sad or alone, maybe elderly people who don’t want to see it alone, they can come here to be surrounded by other people.”

“Token of Respect”

Aubrey and her friends have already planned to go there. The young English women would not want to miss this moment for anything in the world. “We will definitely come and watch. With our families. It’s a mark of respect for the Queen. She was an incredible woman, a brilliant queen, everything we dreamed of. All my life, right? knew she…”

After the funeral, the group also plans to meet to raise their glasses in honor of their sovereign.


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