Logbook, Day 5 – On the beach at Holkham, the memory of a queen like the rest

Logbook, Day 5 – On the beach at Holkham, the memory of a queen like the rest

Barbara and Tom sit on the steps of one of the colorful cottages that line the shore, looking out at the undulating sandy plain of Holkham Beach that stretches as far as the eye can see. So much so that the people at the other end are just little black dots lost in the vastness of the beach. The pair vividly remember the day one of those distant figures turned out to be the Queen of England.

Small huts of all colors are visible along the beach at Holkham. Photo credit: Nina Droff/Europe 1

“It was pretty amazing”

“I saw her on the beach walking her corgis. And she just smiled at me and waved. She looked so easy. Sure, I recognized the queen, but she just looked like a normal person,” Barbara recalls. “It was very surprising because you usually only see his formal side. It was pretty incredible,” adds his companion Tom.

A little further along the sea, with their feet up to their ankles in the water, Liz and Anna take advantage of the last rays of sunshine, with a little thought for Queen Elizabeth, who loved this place as much as she did. “She was always very relaxed when she came to the Norflok side. It was her summer retreat. She loved going for walks and being with her dogs. It must have been wonderful for her to be able to escape and be herself,” Liz believes.

“She was able to free herself from others”

“There’s miles of sand, lots of space for people. You don’t meet many people. This enabled her to break away from others,” explains Anna. An undeniable advantage for the Queen not far from her summer residence at Sandringham. And it’s even rumored that Elizabeth II had her own hidden entrance to the beach to avoid the crowds.

A perfect place then for those who will have spent 70 years of their lives at the head of the United Kingdom and Commonwealth.


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