Logbook – On the day of Charles’ proclamation, Llandovery stop

Logbook – On the day of Charles’ proclamation, Llandovery stop

Nina Droff

Charles III was officially proclaimed king. With his official crowning only a few months away, he will have to prove to his subjects that he is capable of dedicating himself to his country like Queen Elizabeth. But he won’t have to convince the whole country. In the small village of Llandovery in Wales of just over 2000 people, we know and love King Charles III. In fact, his Welsh residence is only a few miles away.

Wedged between two hills, the small village of Llandovery with its colorful houses seems deserted at first glance. But if we push open the door of the local museum at the town’s entrance, we find a dozen people gathered around a radio broadcasting King Charles III’s proclamation ceremony. transmits. After the death of Queen Elizabeth II, he succeeded his mother.

“We are living a moment in history, it’s fascinating…” confides a woman at the microphone of Europe 1.

© Nina Droff/Europe 1

King Charles has captured the hearts of locals since he moved into his royal residence a few kilometers from the village in 2008. Jean and Lucy even often saw him walking in the square in front of the museum.

“He comes here every year for his annual visit to Wales, but also for personal visits,” another told us. “He likes to walk around here because he feels safe…People leave him alone, alone with his thoughts.”

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© Nina Droff/Europe 1

One resident praised the new King’s qualities: “He’s a really charming man, down to earth, very nice, I hope he brings that to his job.” And Charles’ popularity is high in Llandovery. “He’s very popular here, he’s done a lot for this city, big donations… We’re proud he chose this place,” boasts another.

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© Nina Droff/Europe 1

“We now have a new Prince of Wales”

It is therefore with great pride, but also with an ache in the heart, that they listen to this ceremony. “I don’t know if we’ll see him here again, he’ll be very busy now… But we have a new Prince of Wales now. We’ll see if Kate and William come visit us.”

In the meantime, the museum hopes his rise to kingship will once again attract tourists to the village.

Reference: www.europe1.fr

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