Longueil-Sainte-Marie. His car rubs on the back of a donkey, 1.7 million views on Tiktok

Longueil-Sainte-Marie. His car rubs on the back of a donkey, 1.7 million views on Tiktok

Ah, social networks… Modern-day deities with impenetrable algorithms, which practitioners try as best they can to interpret. Some spend years trying to develop their aura there. When others are propelled by a miraculous buzz. This is what happened to Corentin, Mathis and their friends this week.

Having left to spend the afternoon of Saturday August 6 at the Longueil-Sainte-Marie nautical base, they tried to cross the highest speed bump in France. Without success. “We just went to the nautical base, assures Corentin. We passed it, and I remembered that it was the biggest speed bump in France. I said to myself “here we try to see”. It cracked, we backed up and said “we stop!».»

@matmar01103 ♬ son original – Mathis Lefèvre

5,000 views in 30 minutes

The scene is filmed by Mathis, for posterity. “We had a good laugh on the video and we shared ite”, simply remembers Corentin. Mathis posts the video on Tiktok the same evening. And it instantly goes viral. “In 30 minutes, there were 5,000 views“says Corentin. The friends then thought that the counter was going to stop there. Missed.

A week later, the figure is stopped at 1.7 million views. A huge result. Especially for an account like that of Mathis which then had 77 subscribers. “I went from 77 to 923“, smiles the latter. So far, he’s only posted a few videos of his best bodybuilding results. The surprise is therefore total. “Maybe we posted it at the right time, or people shared it at the right time… We didn’t expect it», explains Corentin.

A week later, friends are still having fun with this unexpected buzz. “In truth, it’s nice, it’s always fun. After it’s only a video, I’m not famous“says Mathis.


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