Longueuil-Sainte-Marie / Compiegne. The housekeeper and her husband suspected of having extracted 93,000 euros from an old lady

Longueuil-Sainte-Marie / Compiegne. The housekeeper and her husband suspected of having extracted 93,000 euros from an old lady

An octogenarian from Compiègne was relieved of several tens of thousands of euros before being placed under curatorship at the end of 2020. – Photo: Andrea Piacquadio / pexels)

A couple in their sixties living in Longueil-Sainte-Marie is suspected by the courts of having subtracted no less than 93,000 euros from an 89-year-old lady, living in Compiègne, who died last March. The man and his wife were brought before the prosecution on Tuesday June 28. They were released and will be tried next October. In the meantime, their flag has been seized by the courts. But they can still occupy it.

It is a social worker who, in 2020, worries about the omnipresence of the couple with this vulnerable lady. She then reports to the police station, more specifically to her property damage unit. The file arrives at the office of the then public prosecutor, Virginie Girard. It launches the first investigations.

They buy his apartment in life

It turns out that from 2016, when the woman was the old lady’s housekeeper at the time, she and her husband were particularly “attached” to the retiree. She lives on rue de Paris, in one of the two apartments she owns in Compiègne. Apartment that the couple will end up buying back for life. The octogenarian then moved into his other apartment, rue des Reservoirs.

The couple watches over her well, taking care of her day-to-day business, which she is no longer able to do. And then the poor lady, who sometimes has lost her mind, has no close family… The man and his wife don’t hesitate to use his car, his bank card, to get checks and cash. All this without suspecting that at the Compiègne prosecutor’s office, the file is taken over by the new public prosecutor. Marie-Céline Lawrysz orders a protective measure in favor of the victim who is then placed under reinforced curatorship.

At the end of this same year 2020, the old lady who has more and more memory problems is directed to a specialized establishment

When he dies, they try to inherit

And during all this time, overwhelming elements for this couple so helpful come to support the file of the prosecutor, helped in the investigations by the GIR of Picardy (interministerial group of research) specialized in the investigations of heritage.

Believing that shehad enough elements“, the prosecutor decided on Tuesday to prosecute the couple. The latter will have gone so far as to attempt to be designated heir on the death of his “benefactress”.


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