Loud colours, handbag… What did Elizabeth II’s clothes hide?

Loud colours, handbag… What did Elizabeth II’s clothes hide?

Died last Thursday at the age of 96, Elizabeth II was also the queen of elegance. Handbags, lavish jewellery, the monarch attracted attention with the bright colors of her outfits, not to mention the matching hat. Over the decades, she managed to create a style of her own that also allowed her to convey messages in a subtle way.

If her dresses and suits were rather simple, Elizabeth II always liked colours. In addition, she never wore beige because she did not want to go unnoticed and allowed those who visited her to recognize her at a glance from a distance. Black was also banned as it was reserved for moments of commemoration or mourning. Incidentally, the queen cycled through all the colors of the rainbow, so much so that some gave her the nickname “rainbow queen”.

In blue and yellow after the Brexit vote

The magazine came out in May 2012 Fashion even calculated the colors most commonly worn by the Queen over a year: 29% of her outfits were blue, 13% floral, 11% green or cream, and 10% purple and pink. The monarch rarely wore yellow, red or orange. Queen of style, Elizabeth II, only attended her first show in 2018, where she sat front row to discover the creations of stylist Richard Quinn alongside the fashion pope and editor-in-chief of the Fashion American, Anna Wintour.

In addition to being recognizable, the choice of color for her outfits also allowed the Queen to convey messages in a subtle way. A necessity, as the royal family must remain neutral and impartial under all circumstances. Often, the Queen’s colors helped show her sympathy for the countries that received her. But they could also have a much more political dimension.

When Elizabeth II addressed the British Parliament in 2017, just as Brexit was being voted on, in a royal blue outfit, yellow and blue skirt and hat adorned with yellow flowers, many saw it as a sign of his support for Europe. Another example: in 2011, the monarch made a historic visit to Ireland, where she met the Irish President. She chooses a green cloak, a symbol of the country and the Irish separatists who no longer wanted to be under the yoke of the British crown. A meaningful gesture that expressed his desire for reconciliation with the country.

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Her bag, an accessory she could use to send messages

More recently, in 2020, the Queen addresses her nation in a rare television interview amid the Covid pandemic. On this day she wears an emerald dress, the color of hope, and a brooch adorned with diamonds and turquoise. This jewel was an heirloom and would symbolize protection.

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On a happier occasion, for the opening of the London Olympics in 2012, Elizabeth II (alongside James Bond) appeared in a pale pink evening dress. This time, the monarch wanted above all to show her neutrality, as the color does not appear on any flag of the participating countries.

In addition to her outfits, the Queen never traveled without her handbag from the English luxury house Launer. She would have had more than 200 in her lifetime. While the leather case was always black, she also used it to send discreet messages to her assistants. When the Queen dropped her purse on the floor during a trip, it meant she wanted to end a conversation. And when she passed it from one hand to the other, it was because she wanted to leave the place real quick. A coded message, but well understood by his companions, who then rushed to extricate Elizabeth II from the situation that was worrying her.

One thing is for sure, if no one forgets Elizabeth II, her outfits and elegance will also be remembered for a long time.

Reference: www.europe1.fr

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