LR deputies from Oise hardly seduced by Macron’s speech

LR deputies from Oise hardly seduced by Macron’s speech

By Fabrice Alves-Teixeira, Frederika Guillaume

Pierre Vatin, the deputy of the fifth constituency remains on his program. – Photo credit: Oise Hebdo Archive

The day after President Macron’s speech, Pierre Vatin, LR deputy reelected in the fifth constituency, remains clinging to his party line. According to him, the televised intervention did not change anything:He wants to put the opposition under his thumb, to make the resistance disappear!“. Maxime Minot (LR) – renewed on Sunday in the seventh – summarizes: “Yesterday’s speech was: ‘I was elected president in April, nothing is my fault, the oppositions are responsible, I’m leaving for 48 hours, manage to settle everything without me'” . “It’s spitting Macron: he despises the institutions and those who voted on Sunday”he believes.

Macron “asks us to sign a blank check”

While the Republican deputies will be courted more than ever by the government to obtain a majority on the texts, the two elected officials from Oise were not sensitive to the president’s speech. “We stay on our schedule, promises Pierre Vatin. So far, President Macron is asking us to sign a blank cheque. It is not possible.»

The two men watch with almost amusement the reversal that has occurred from one term to another. “During my first mandate, when we tried to communicate with the ministries before the presentation of the texts, we found the door closed”, reports Maxime Minot. From now on “it will be him who will come to us, he will have amended his own project, he will rely on our ideas“, prophesies Pierre Vatin.

Supporter of aopposition resolute, but not closed”, Vatin will no doubt recognize himself in the words of his colleague Minot: “I will not filibuster. During the last mandate, in 5 years, I voted about a quarter of the texts, I will not change my way of doing things”, promises the deputy of Clermont. Which concludes: “We (the LRs) were announced dead: we resist”. A little revengeful.

Solicited, the deputy Victor Habert Dassault did not respond to our questions.


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