LR Presidency: Eric Ciotti demonstrates his ability to mobilize

LR Presidency: Eric Ciotti demonstrates his ability to mobilize

LR’s presidential candidate, Eric Ciotti, made his political comeback on Saturday evening in front of 4,000 people in his stronghold of the Alpes-Maritimes by unveiling his campaign slogan “the right to the heart”.

“Here, my friends, we are in harmony, in the straight line, the clear line,” he started in Levens in the hinterland of Nice and assured: “I’m on the right, I have the straight line in my heart, and that’s the message, that I want to transmit”.

Huge tables set in blue, white and red, a stage adorned with a gigantic tricolor flag and a rock star salute with shouts of “Eric President”: the traditional “Meet of Friends of Eric Ciotti” looked like a show of force three months before the election of the party leader.

His main opponent on December 3 is likely to be Chief Senators LR Bruno Retailleau, supported by many elected officials. On Saturday, Eric Ciotti also wanted to show his support: MPs Eric Pauget and Michèle Tabarot, Youth President LR Guihem Carayon, Mayor of Cannes David Lisnard…

But he recalled during a press conference: “It’s the activists who will decide”. And he assured that he had their “trust”, thanks to the mobilization in his Alpes-Maritimes association, which, with 3,500 members, has once again become the first in France.

Eric Ciotti also recalled the surprise of reaching the final of the LR primaries: “Few would have predicted the result. I trust the common sense of the activists.”

In this election, Eric Ciotti intends to defend a “fidelity and unequivocal” roadmap with the compass of “authority, freedom, identity, work”, even if he wanted to broaden his message to business by opting for a tax cut “of at least” announced 125 billion euros over a period of five years”.

Some at LR fear too muscular a line, but for Eric Ciotti, “The Republican right is strong because it takes on itself, it doesn’t give in to political correctness. Perhaps that is why we have curbed the advance of more right-wing political formations.” .

“Our family is now threatened with extinction” and instead of “homeopathy” we need “shock therapy” with “a real fracture project”, according to his statement.

He reiterated his intention to “determine the candidate for the next presidential election starting in early 2023” when he takes over the helm of LR. “For my part, I will support Laurent Wauquiez,” he added.


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