Macron defends Alexis Kohler’s ‘completely legitimate’ stay at the Elysee

Macron defends Alexis Kohler’s ‘completely legitimate’ stay at the Elysee

Emmanuel Macron on Friday judged the retention of his right arm Alexis Kohler as secretary-general of the Elysée, despite his charge of illegal expression of interest, to be “completely legitimate”, which he described as a simple “procedural decision”.

“That’s why he has my complete trust,” the head of state told the press after a Europe summit in Prague. He also took the view that the dismissal of Attorney General Eric Dupond-Moretti was “a very special case” which also did not justify the government’s dismissal.

When he ran for an initial five-year term in 2017, Emmanuel Macron said that if a minister were impeached, he should “in principle leave the government”. But this “principle” has not always been strictly applied since and is now heavily criticized by opposition figures for supporting Alexis Kohler and Eric Dupond-Moretti.

When asked about a reversal of the doctrine, President Macron appeared to explain that these were exceptions to the rule.

“As for my secretary-general, it will not have escaped you that he is not a minister,” he replied, believing that the doctrine therefore did not apply to his file.

“As for a man who for several years has spent his nights and days serving the state with a dedication and integrity that I can attest to,” “I stand by the decision I am making” to remain at his post , for “completely legitimate”. , explained Emmanuel Macron. He argued that the judiciary runs its course “in complete independence”.

“It’s not procedural decisions” that should affect the choice of “my staff,” he stressed.

As for the Keeper of the Seals, his future trial stems from a “referral from the judges’ unions in a case involving judges in a proceeding in which he was involved as counsel.”

“And so it obviously does not affect what he did as a minister in his job or issues that are, if I may say so, moral,” pleaded the President of the Republic. “I believe that this has nothing to do with the existing case law or the promises I was able to make given the nature of the case.”


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