Macron in kyiv: will the head of state respond to Zelensky’s request for weapons?

Macron in kyiv: will the head of state respond to Zelensky’s request for weapons?

William Molinie

French President Emmanuel Macron and his German and Italian counterparts arrived at kyiv train station on Thursday morning. The French head of state had promised to go to Ukraine only if his visit could be useful. The Ukrainians are asking him for arms and the President of the Republic could respond to their request.

Emmanuel Macron should respond to the call of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, who had demanded weapons from Westerners to fight against the Russians, while the conflict has lasted for more than 100 days. Additional military aid should be announced by the French president, when he arrived this Thursday morning in kyiv, the Ukrainian capital, in the company of his German and Italian counterparts.

High precision artillery

Twenty days ago, Foreign Minister Catherine Colonna visited kyiv. During an interview with her counterpart, she had drawn the outlines of a new delivery of at least six Caesar guns. The first six had already been delivered at the end of April. It is a mobile high-precision artillery that fires six shots per minute, up to forty kilometers away. These guns are already in use by the Ukrainian 55th Artillery Brigade in the Donbass.

Shells and anti-ship missiles from the Americans

Other deliveries are to be announced in the coming hours, a high-level diplomatic source told Europe 1 on Wednesday. In addition, according to information from Europe 1, a reflection has been opened concerning other supplies from France, in particular ground-sea missile batteries.

It is a will of NATO to equip Ukraine with this type of armament. But for the moment, the French systems are not compatible with those of the Ukrainians. The Americans announced on Wednesday new military aid, artillery pieces, shells and anti-ship missiles. The total amount of this new envelope is one billion dollars.


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