Macron on France 2: When the President attacks Total’s management

Macron on France 2: When the President attacks Total’s management

Observers have been noticing for several months that the President was a bit off, that he was slouching a bit, so he lost the fishing. The “young” President had fallen asleep. Note that this was not the case on the antennas of France Television on the occasion of Emmanuel Macron’s television broadcast on Wednesday evening. The tough-as-nails president, the loud-mouthed president, the president who refrains from getting tangled up in the grueling exercise of wooden language, the Macron of “simultaneously” was back. This is undoubtedly a good point for our political scene.

The CGT was kindly called to order by Macron…

Referring to the ordeal endured by the lockdown of refineries for “tens of millions of French people,” the head of state attacked – one might have expected, of course – the CGT, “the easy-going spirit of the union. “We cannot accept that a few workers, a minority, block everything.” It goes without saying that this strange union practice of “immediately going deep” like the CFDT and its chairman Laurent Berger denounce.

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Not enough to annoy and reassure Philippe Martinez, the chief union leader reminded (kindly and very politely) of his responsibility: “that the CGT allows the country to function”. It is the least … Undoubtedly, the right wing of Macronism expected more aggressiveness and belligerence than this formula aimed at challenging the CGT methods: “I do not argue, I block”.

Emmanuel Macron was not lacking in fighting spirit. But he used it against management first, not against the CGT but against the group…Totally. Formula of this time machine gun: “significant profits, big money paid out to shareholders and the delay in starting negotiations with employees. They are finally starting”. Nothing nice, let’s agree, because Patrick Pouyanné, the all-powerful CEO of the energy group, recalled his social duties even more passionately than Philippe Martinez: “share”, “protect”, “increase purchasing power”, holy trilogy.

… The boss of Total asked to “share” the profits.

If we try to understand the language “Macron”, we finally understand that he addresses the same criticism to the super boss and to the CGT: not respecting his conception of the famous “French social model whose crises have shown the strength”. to try to strengthen it, to improve it at any cost and in fact to choose to defend individual interests, those of the “shareholders” on the one hand, and those of the “workers” on the other, without ever trying to “keep the dialogue alive “, because “we believe in it, we want it”…

But is such a mantra, such an incantation, worth real social policy? This is exactly what the Cedtist Berger, who keeps reminding of his hostility towards this gas war, doubts. CGT Martinez doesn’t care. However, the two trade unionists have one thing in common. They will remember (order?) the words of Emmanuel Macron: “We will continue the reforms against all odds to finance our … social model”.

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