Macron summons the opposition to take responsibility

Macron summons the opposition to take responsibility

In a brief speech of less than ten minutes, Emmanuel Macron skillfully referred to his oppositions, from the Nupes to the National Rally, the responsibility for the functioning of the institutions in the coming months. “It will be necessary to clarify in the coming days the share of responsibility and cooperation that the various formations of the National Assembly are ready to take: enter into a coalition of government and action? Commit to simply vote certain texts? Our budget? Which ones?” enumerated the Head of State. He himself ruled out the possibility of a National Union government, deemed unsuited to the situation.

“It is now up to the political groups to say in complete transparency how far they are ready to go”, explained the Head of State, during this speech delivered on June 22 from the Elysée. However, he did not put forward specific elements put on the negotiating table with the various political parties, starting with the pension reform.

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Emmanuel Macron recognized the “fractures” that appeared in the legislative elections. But he worked to play down the situation, explaining that countries like Germany were used to working for political compromises. He thus called on the political class to “legislate differently”, addressing the French on Wednesday for the first time after the loss of the absolute majority by his camp in the Assembly.

However, he explained that he refused any “immobility”, saying he was “decided to take charge of the desire for change that the country clearly expressed” during his election in April. And because “it is my role as guarantor of our institutions”, declared the Head of State.

“Legislate differently”

He explained that, in this context, it was “his responsibility” to broaden his base in the Assembly “either by building a coalition contract or by building majorities text by text”.

“To act in your interest and that of the nation, we must collectively learn to govern and legislate differently”. By building “compromises, enrichments, amendments but doing so in complete transparency, in the open if I may say so, in a desire for unity and action for the nation”, he added, taking to witnesses the French.

purchasing power law

Emmanuel Macron announced that, “from this summer”, it will be necessary to adopt “a law for purchasing power and for work to pay better, the first decisions to move towards full employment, strong choices on energy and the climate, emergency measures for our health, whether it’s our hospital or the epidemic”.

He specified that “we will begin to build this method and this new configuration” on his return from the European summit on Thursday and Friday in Brussels.

The Les Républicains party, which with its 61 deputies would be likely to complete the insufficient presidential majority to vote on texts, was quick to react. The new president of the LR group in the Assembly, Olivier Marleix, affirmed shortly after Emmanuel Macron’s intervention that his deputies would make “next week” proposals “on purchasing power”, while refuting the idea of ​​giving a “blank cheque”.

“There is no alternative to the dialogue and respect mentioned by the President. But there can be no blank check in addition on an unclear project”, affirmed on twitter Olivier Marleix, who was elected president. of the Les Républicains group on Wednesday morning.

left incisor

The left opposition has been more incisive. Jean-Luc Mélenchon, leader of Nupes judges that the Head of State “is useless to dissolve the reality of the vote by filling it with considerations and appeals of all kinds”.

As for Fabien Roussel (PCF), he quipped: “After discovering public services in 2020, Macron is discovering the virtues of parliamentary debate and the true role of the National Assembly in 2022! We will judge by action”.

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