Macron urges reluctant opposition to follow the path of “compromise”

Macron urges reluctant opposition to follow the path of “compromise”

The oppositions warmly welcomed Emmanuel Macron’s speech on Wednesday evening who, before starting an international marathon this Thursday, urged them to “clarify” within 48 hours how to “build compromises” to resolve the political crisis. born of the legislative elections.

Dismissing in a few words the hypothesis of a government of national unity, tested Tuesday and Wednesday with certain party leaders, the Head of State asked for a choice from the united left, the National Rally and the Republicans, which prevented him from having an absolute majority on Sunday.

The groups at the Palais Bourbon must “say in complete transparency how far they are ready to go”, and this in the short term, he warned: “It will be necessary to clarify in the coming days the share of responsibility and cooperation that the different formations of the National Assembly are ready to take: enter into a coalition of government and action (or) commit to simply voting certain texts, our budget”.

He gave them 48 hours, wanting to “start building this method and this new configuration” on his return from the European summit on Thursday and Friday in Brussels. His diplomatic marathon will then lead him to a NATO summit and a G7 summit.

The leader of LFI Jean-Luc Mélenchon at the National Assembly, June 21, 2022 in Paris (AFP – JULIEN DE ROSA)

Mr Macron recalled that the legislative elections had “made the presidential majority the first force”, warning of his determination to “never lose the coherence of the project that you [les électeurs] you chose last April”, to his re-election.

However, he recognized the need “to learn how to govern and legislate differently”, using the word “compromise” many times. Because “no political force can today make the laws alone”, a “new fact”, declared the President of the Republic.

“I hear and I am determined to take into account the desire for change that the country has clearly requested,” said Emmanuel Macron.

“Blank check”

“By choosing either the coalition contract or the search for majorities by project, the president is trying to save what remains of the presidential function”, commented in the evening Marine Le Pen, who is preparing to take over the management of a strong RN group of 89 deputies. These, she nevertheless promised, will “examine the texts in the light of the interest of the French and of France“.

RN leader Marine Le Pen shaking hands with President Emmanuel Macron after their meeting at the Elysee Palace in Paris on June 21, 2022 (POOL/AFP - Ludovic MARIN)
RN leader Marine Le Pen shaking hands with President Emmanuel Macron after their meeting at the Elysee Palace in Paris on June 21, 2022 (POOL/AFP – Ludovic MARIN)

Even clearer dismissal from other opponents of the president. Thus Jean-Luc Mélenchon thundered: “It is useless to dissolve the reality of the vote by filling it with considerations and appeals of all kinds”. The former LFI presidential candidate estimated that now “the executive is weak but the National Assembly is strong with all the legitimacy of its recent election”.

Saying that he did not trust the macronie to respect the texts presented by the opposition, he again called on Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne to solicit confidence by a vote of the deputies, and to resign if she does not obtain it.

On the right, the new leader of the LR deputies, Olivier Marleix, also rejected a “blank check, moreover on an unclear project”. He also promised that his group would make proposals on purchasing power next week.

“His speech on the method aims to evacuate his responsibility and to change nothing of his project”, also rejected the communist Fabien Roussel, while the socialist Olivier Faure tackled: “No, the political formations do not have to answer him how far they’re willing to go to give him a blank cheque.”

The leader of environmentalists Julien Bayou judged on LCI the “fuzzy” speech. “The president says he wants to act on the climate, we don’t believe him,” he said, adding that Nupes would make proposals on the subject.

The groups in the National Assembly finish naming their presidents on Thursday. It is the turn of the Socialist Party and EELV, after the choice of Aurore Bergé by Renaissance, Mathilde Panot by LFI, or even André Chassaigne by the Communists.

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