Madagascar: “It must be transferred”, the daughter of an imprisoned French national testifies

Madagascar: “It must be transferred”, the daughter of an imprisoned French national testifies

Louise Douillet, edited by Ophelie Artaud

Andry Rajoelina, the Malagasy president, is due to meet Emmanuel Macron on Monday and the question of French nationals imprisoned on the island should be at the center of the discussions. Among them, the case of Philippe François, ex-colonel detained for more than a year, accused of preparing a coup in Madagascar. His daughter spoke on Europe 1.

The Malagasy president is expected at the Elysée on Monday afternoon for an official visit. Andry Rajoelina should be questioned about the fate of French nationals imprisoned on the island. The case of two of them is emblematic: they have been imprisoned for more than a year, accused of having prepared a coup in Madagascar. For Constance Wagner François, the daughter of ex-colonel of the French army Philippe François, one of the two detainees, it is urgent that Emmanuel Macron works for a return of his father on French soil to France.

“You must return the favor to your servants”

“It is the duty of the French government to have peaceful relations with Madagascar to demand the fastest possible transfer of my father to France. It is still the least of things. My father is a French citizen, accused at wrong, it must be transferred”, she insists.

“It’s for his health, it’s for his safety. We really fear for his life. He has lost more than 20 kilos and even more since the verdict. All of this is stressful. It must now be one of their priorities. We must remember that my father served for 25 years in the army, he led one of the most decorated regiments in France. After a while, you have to return the favor to his servants”, she adds.

“I am especially outraged that it has taken so long and at this stage I still have not had an appointment with the office of the Minister of Foreign Affairs. It has been over a year and that is what ‘I am asked because this affair is political above all.


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