Madness or genius? Mazda bets on the diesel that fell out of favor

Madness or genius? Mazda bets on the diesel that fell out of favor

Where most European automakers strive to develop gasoline-electric hybrids and smaller-looking SUVs, Mazda is taking the opposite route. Not only that, but it is preparing to launch four SUVs in quick succession on the highest segments of the market. Obviously, the Japanese is not overly alarmed by the signs of the beginning of consumer fatigueharbinger of a change in fashion in favor of lower height and less bulky vehicles.

For the diesel engine, on the other hand, the chances of a return to favor are very slim. This type of motorization retains the favor of large rollers, whose daily mileage remains incompatible with the autonomy of electric and rechargeable hybrids. But rare are the manufacturers to invest in the improvement of a Diesel that the future Euro 7 standard will make it even more expensive to clean up.

Coming late to Diesel, Mazda seems to no longer want to give it up

Without even knowing what the requirements of the future Euro 7 standard will be, Mazda has chosen to invest in the design and industrialization of its very first six-cylinder diesel engine. A surprising launch, at a time when this technology is accelerating its decline in Europe. In April, during the presentation of this engine, the head of research at Mazda Europe Joachim Kunz explained that the manufacturer made the “deliberate choice to sacrifice part of its profits and economic profitability” of this engine, which will in all likelihood be the last of its kind.

Not only that, but this 3.3 e-Skyactiv D engine arrives under the hood of a new model – the Mazda CX-60 thrown across the path of the BMW X3 and the Volvo XC60 – which is only the smallest (4.74 meters) of a sibling that will soon include a CX-70, a seven-seat CX-80 and an even longer and wider Mazda CX-90.


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